The ingenious tricks for children to finally learn geography

It's been a few decades since education stopped applying this bloody slogan of "The letter with blood enters". Fortunately for the new generations, the student's paths have changed towards more understanding and kind teachers who have understood that the fault of the child falling asleep on the desk is not the child's own, in most cases, but the fault of the child. teacher.

I teach you how to encourage the child to learn with these ingenious tricks for children to learn geography.

Children usually have a innate curiosity to discover the world and an endless list of whys that constantly overwhelms us. The way to show it depends on us.

I still remember those endless geography classes where my teacher sat in a chair and with a monotonous voice, which served more to give a yoga class and transport you to more absolute nirvana than to enact the great shows that nature gifted to the Earth, he tried to recite as if it were a prayer, the rivers of europe, or the world mountain ranges. The best he could do was get up slowly from his chair and write on the blackboard the long string of countries with their respective capitals.

Those classes were the envy of the librarians, no one dared to raise their voices, or their spirits, or anything at all, it only alerted us for an hour like cats in the sun, and it ensured that during the first 25 years of my life I had no interest in going out to see the world beyond the bank where I ate pipes in my neighborhood.

Years later, when I came around the corner from that bank, I discovered that geography was imposed in every step of the landscape and the world history. That he had decided battles, settlements, ways of life, building a perfect and beautiful world that one only had to know how to look with different eyes. And so I decided pass it on to my daughters when they had to study world geography.

If your child is not yet passionate about the corners of the world, at least with these games you can make them learn geography in a fun way.

1- Use the modeling clay: Children usually love modeling clay, so you just have to take a brown, green and blue one and put a map to model where they will have to place the rivers, mountains and plains where appropriate. You can mount it on a wood and put flags with the names of each geographical feature with a toothpick as a model.

2- Print a blank map And have the child draw on it what has to be learned: capitals, countries, mountains ... It is a faster way to study and more fun than memorizing.

3- Make puzzles. There are currently puzzles of the physical and political maps of all the world. Doing this type of puzzle is the most entertaining way to study. You will have to look at where each country is to be able to position the pieces correctly and you will notice every detail of the map.

4- Make a trivia quiz game. If what has to be learned are the capitals and you have no choice but to resort to memory, build a trivia-type quiz game, or simply make notes with a question in each one. Play with him to advance through the squares each time he answers a question, and that each time he answers 3 he will get a special prize (such as the trivia cheeses). The more you play the better the names will be learned.

5- If you have a globe You can make a search game for it: "Find where the highest mountain in the world is and tell me its name", "Where do Russians live?" ...

6- Provide a story or fun facts to the most important geographical points, that will always make you remember them.

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