How to improve the attention of clueless children

How to improve the attention of clueless children

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Increasingly, it is common to find children with low levels of care, very prone to confusion, dispersion and lack of focus on the tasks and studies that are sent to them, and that they have to carry out at home.

We have to think that, taking into account the environment and society in which we live, this falls within the normal.

Our children have infinite stimuli that we provide them daily, television, mobile phones, games, computers, tablets, etc, etc ... so what can we do to improve child care?

Apart from the external stimulus of distraction, we must be aware that the human brain is designed and focused to act thinking as little as possible, that is, mechanizing the task. Paying attention, being a voluntary and conscious act in which many parts of the brain come to work, has a limited condition in time. That is, the maximum time we can spend in maintaining attention is around the 15 minutes.

How can we help our children stay focused on homework or study at home?

Putting these into practice tips that I offer you:

1. Finding a suitable place of study; always the same and comfortable in it.

2. Prepare all the material before homework to avoid distractions or unanticipated breaks.

3. Good nutrition, healthy diet and physical exercise, that is, lead a healthy life.

4. Choose the time: create a weekly study and / or homework schedule and commit to it.

5. To plan; plans study and homework, anticipates times and materials. Prepare for action and avoid wasting time later. Formulate objectives

6. Find a fellow student with your same interests, you can reinforce each other.

7. Take short breaks during study, set an alarm. 20 minutes of activity and 8 minutes of rest

8. Keep calm, do not despair if something doesn't come out or you don't learn it fast. Angry or desperate, it will take longer to learn.

9. Disconnect; do not have distractions within reach. (TV, radio, mobile, Tablet, etc.)

10. Reward yourself, reward yourself for achieving a goal, it is good for self-esteem.

11. Do small mindfulness practices and work on mindfulness.

By following some of these tips you will considerably improve the attention of your children, you just have to stay tuned and propose them to integrate them little by little.

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