The spectacular birth of a baby in the corridor of a hospital

Jes Hogan is not a new mother. In fact, by the time it all happened, he already had five daughters, so at least, she has birth experience. For this reason, the day, or rather, early morning, in which she felt the contractions increase in intensity in an exorbitant way, she told her husband: We did not arrive on time !!

Jes and her husband Travis went to the hospital in Kansas (USA) as fast as they could. And on the way, they notified the photographer friend who had already immortalized the birth of her previous children. Jes made it to the hospital but couldn't get very far. In the middle of the hall, he felt like he couldn't wait any longer. His body forced him to push. At that moment Tammy, the photographer, arrived and managed to capture these amazing images. Incredible this spectacular birth of a baby in the corridor of a hospital. Mother Nature speaks.

The point is, Jes and Travis had been waiting for little Max for a long time. In fact, they came to think that they would have to induce labor. But Max decided to arrive improvised, at dawn, one day her mother began to feel that the contractions were finally in labor. As she is her sixth child, she knew exactly where she was in her delivery. Therefore, he sensed that he did not have much time left. And even though they hurried to the hospital, he couldn't get past the middle of the hall. It was 3 in the morning, and at that time, her photographer friend (Tammy Karin, from Little Leapling Photography) arrived. Tammy did not hesitate, she had just enough time to immortalize this impressive moment:

Jes felt the need to push. He felt that little Max wanted out and his body demanded of him to help him. He stood in the middle of the hall and lowered his pants. Her husband, Travis, called for help, holding his son's head.

The nurses helped Jes sit up. At that moment, she explained that she couldn't stop, that she had to push. They understood that they could not stop it, so they decided to attend the delivery right there.

At last Jes was able to lie down and that allowed access for the nurses to see if little Max needed help. It was born with a loop of cord, so it was removed without problems.

Released from the cordon, Max was out in an instant. It was quick, and Jes finally breathed in relief. Little Max cried for a moment, and as soon as he felt close to his mother's breast, he calmed down.

Not even 40 minutes had passed since her mother stepped foot in the hospital. He had just been born in record time. He weighed 2,700 kg and was 50 centimeters tall.

Already in the hospital bed, Jes realized what he had just experienced. Assume that of all, It has been the most 'crazy' birth that he has lived, but the most beautiful. Perhaps for being unexpected, special and unique.

Max's little sisters welcomed the little boy with great enthusiasm. He is the first boy in the family !! They may ask their parents to tell the story of their birth over and over again. For all of them it will be a truly unforgettable story.

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