The feather dress. Children's story about friends

The feather dress. Children's story about friends

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The affection for our friends, for those who are like us, without interests, strengthens relationships with other people.

Friendship is a very important value in the child's education. Learn to live in respect, sharing our feelings, joys and sadness is one of the most beautiful things that the child will have throughout his life.

With the children's story The feather dress, your child will understand the meaning of true friendship.

Every day after school, Chloe would climb the mountain behind the town. There, surrounded by trees, He sat on a rock and took his snack out of his backpack. He used to share it with the birds that always came to greet the little girl. These in return enlivened the snack with beautiful songs. Chloe too I told them the adventures that he had lived with his friends in the courtyard and explained, with great enthusiasm, what he had learned from the teachers.

However, everyone's favorite moment was when the be quiet and the little girl took out a new book from her backpack to read aloud a new story to her singing public. Everyone adored the adventure books and, above all, those who spoke of magical places that the birds dreamed of.

But that day something was wrong. Chloe's voice sounded muffled, without strength or enthusiasm. Before the bewilderment of the birds, the little girl ended up confessing that she was a little sad because they had invited her to a party to be held next Saturday. All his friends were talking about nothing but the fabulous clothes and dresses they were going to wear for that occasion. And she had no nice dress What to wear because all the coins that his grandfather Tomás gave him he used to buy books.

Chloe was the best friend of the mountain birds and they, to thank her for all her reading, devised a plan so that the little girl had the most beautiful dress in the world for her party. They each decided to pluck a feather from their body to make a dress very colorful and smooth.

The next day, as was customary, Chloe went back up the mountain to have a picnic and read the birds with her friends. The surprise was enormous when the little girl discovered on her rock the feather dress. It was the most beautiful dress anyone could imagine and Chloe knew how to see beyond: that she had the best friends in the world.

Check if your child understood the message of this precious tale. Improve your child's reading comprehension and invite him to reflect on the story and the essential values ​​it transmits with these simplequestions:

- Why did Chloe go up the mountain every day?

- What did he do for the birds in the forest?

- Why was he sad that day?

- What did the birds do for her?

- Would you like to have a feather suit like Chloe's?

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