Travel with children and babies

Traveling as a couple is not the same as traveling with children. Undoubtedly, when you travel with children or babies, everything changes. The first thing is to plan the trip. No more traveling to adventure. When you have children, nothing can be left to chance.

If you are thinking of taking a trip with the children, you may have some questions: what will be the best destination? Should i vaccinate children first? What transport do I choose?

Since we want to make things easy for you, and help you prepare the trip with your children. Here you will find everything you need to make your holidays a wonderful memory.

10 destinations to travel with children. If you are thinking of going on a trip with the family and do not know where to go, we give you 10 good and attractive proposals for tourist destinations to travel with the children and the whole family. On our site we propose 10 beautiful places for a family vacation

Traveling with children under 5 years old. Traveling as a family is a great idea if the trip is planned and a series of details are taken into account, especially if you are traveling with children under 5 years of age. We give you a series of tips so that your trip becomes a fantastic memory and an unforgettable experience for you and the children.

Traveling by plane with children. How to travel with children by plane. In summer the desire to travel and go on family vacations multiplies. If you have young children, planning and taking these vacations can be essential for most families, especially if they plan to travel by plane.

Prepare the holidays with a baby. Just thinking about having to carry bags, cribs, diapers, and everything that goes with caring for a baby, many parents don't even schedule a vacation trip. Many prefer to stay at home than have to prepare everything they would need to bring. Well, I tell you that going on a trip with a baby can be a unique experience full of surprises.

How to choose the destination of the trip. The best destination to travel with babies and children is one that combines fun and entertainment. The protagonists of the holidays are the little ones. The fundamental thing is that the children have fun and that the whole family spend some unforgettable days. Ideas of vacation destinations to go with the children.

Vaccines for traveling with children. What vaccinations children need before traveling. Travel with children without risks. The vaccines that your children need according to the destination of the trip. Protect children from disease.

The best trips with children at Christmas. With the arrival of such special dates as Christmas, you want to spend more time with your family, and since the children are on vacation, nothing better than to make an unforgettable trip. Below you can see a sample of the most idyllic places to travel with children at Christmas.

Family Christmas trips. Family Christmas trips. Destinations to travel with children at Christmas. Christmas routes with activities for children. Christmas in family. Travel with children at Christmas. Traveling at Christmas with children.

How to choose the children's camp. If you are still not sure whether to choose a sports, language or multi-activity camp. If you send the child away from home or to an urban colony for 15 days, on our site we will tell you everything you need to know about holiday camps.

Camping games. Camp game ideas for kids. How to make summer camps more enjoyable for children. What to play with the children in the camps.

Games for a picnic day. What kinds of games can children play when we go on a picnic in the field? On our site we find the answers to know what to do on a picnic day with the children. We give you ideas to enjoy with your children a picnic day in the field, on the beach, or even in the garden of the house.

Games for the pool. We propose 10 games for you to have fun with the children in the pool. From the classic jumping contest to synchronized swimming or the game of dodgeball in the water.

Games for the beach. Take note of these games for children at sea. Playing is a children's right and the sea is one of the most beautiful places to have fun. We have some ideas for children to play on the beach. Games for children in the sea. Proposals of games in the water for children.

Games for traveling by car. Games for traveling with children. Long car trips are very tiring for the whole family, but especially for children. To prevent them from getting tired, or not stopping asking when we arrive or starting to fight each other out of sheer boredom, it is necessary to sharpen the wit to entertain them. There are some very fun games that can liven up the trip for both children and adults:

The safety of children in the car. Lack of time or laziness often make us forget what is really important for the safety of our children. For example, carrying children tied in the stroller or in the high chair or in the car seat, is something that could prevent many accidents and headaches.

Child phobia in transport. In many transports, restricted areas for children are being created. It all came about as a result of the complaints of many people who cannot bear 'the discomfort' caused by baby or child cries. What do you think of these measures?

The best means of transport. Every four days a child loses his life in a traffic accident. Safety is essential on road trips. In the case of babies and children, the lack of safety multiplies by five the possibility of dying on the road.

Post-vacation syndrome in children. Post-vacation syndrome causes physical and mental discomfort also in children. To prevent these problems, experts advise that parents help their children to regain the school routine, at least a week before starting school.

The danger of carrying the child with the coat. Do not take your child with his coat on in the car. If the coat is very padded, it can be very dangerous in the event of an accident. We tell you why you should never sit your child in the car seat with a coat on.

The child's first trip by plane. One of the most used means of transport is the plane, but the time of the first trip with a child is approaching, doubts and fears arise that can make the flight become a tense moment for parents and children.

Travel with the baby by boat. Traveling on a cruise ship or boat with babies. One of the best options to enjoy a family vacation is a cruise, for many reasons. We give you 8 tips and recommendations to travel by boat with babies without any inconvenience. How to organize for a cruise with children and / or babies.

First aid kit for the trip. The first aid kit or kit is a necessary and essential resource when traveling with children. It is important to have everything you need on hand for any unexpected situation. Accidents do not warn and we must always be prepared for any type of situation and even more so if we are with children.

Traveling with pets by car and by plane. Going on vacation or traveling with your pet should not be a risky or stressful adventure for you or your pet. With these tips you will know what is best for your pet whether you travel by plane or by car.

Traveling pregnant by plane. If you are pregnant and you are going to take a plane, the first thing you should do is find out about the requirements and regulations of some airlines regarding pregnant women. Flying by plane while pregnant is possible, but you have to know certain aspects.

Traveling with allergic children. Travel with allergic children. While they are at home, it is easier to keep allergies at bay. However when we go out, some basic precautions can be overlooked and certain measures must be taken to avoid allergic crises in children.

Avoid dizziness and vomiting. It is very common for children to feel discomfort, indisposition, dizziness and vomiting on long trips by car. This does not happen to all children, there are some more susceptible to dizziness than others, especially the most restless. We tell you how to avoid dizziness and vomiting in children and babies on car trips.

Vacation at home. Ideas for holidays with children at home. Summer is coming and again we have to organize ourselves to establish a new routine at home that improves family life. Without school, the children will be more at home. What to do with them? our site offers us some fun activities.

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