The kindness and magic words of children

A smile, a kind phrase, ... There are many expressions with which to start, without a doubt, a good day: good morning, how are you? Thanks for the juice, did you sleep well? pass a napkin ?, I'm sorry ...

We tell you why kindness is so important in education.

Why do all these phrases sound good to our ears and receive a prompt response and a good mood to the listener? ... Well, because they are "magical". The story "Daniel and the magic words", sent to us by a mother, tells the story of Daniel, a boy who receives a very special gift from his grandfather: a box full of bright letters. But the magician who has to compose them is Daniel, it is he who has to combine them in a way that they form kind words for others.

Grandpa, in his wisdom, knows from experience that when you give these words away, we get people to do many things: make those who are sad laugh, cry with joy, understand when we do not understand, open our hearts to others, teach us to listen without speaking ... they manage to open the door of the hearts of others. This precious story teaches children to be polite, to be happy, to look for good reactions and intentions in others, to respect and to be respected.

There are more or less long phrases or paragraphs that are equally beautiful, but a few simple words within the reach of any small child, also get that "magical reaction" in everyone who hears it: thank you, I love you, good morning, please, hello , I'm sorry... What secret do these magic words hide? They are the key to gratitude, love, forgiveness, listening and joy.

Let us not hesitate to make available to our children the gift and example of these magic words, the bright letters already have them in possession, they only need the magic formula to be able to use these kind words frequently and normally, just as they do. the little character in our story: Daniel.

Patro Gabaldon

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